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Instantaneous hot water is a comfort that brings luxury to any home. Also known as tankless water heaters and demand water heaters, these systems produce hot water exactly when it is needed. In contrast to traditional storage water heaters that constantly produce hot water, tankless systems save money by reducing energy costs by only heating water as it is used. You would not leave your heat on while you take a vacation, so why would you spend money heating water when you do not need it?

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Tankless water heaters do not store water and therefore do not require a large storage tank that takes up space in your home. Storage water heaters lose heat and can cost a lot of money in maintenance over time. A tankless system works by heating water using heating elements as it travels through the system after you turn on the hot water tap. In a gas based tankless system, the gas heater is responsible for heating the water. The end result is a consistent supply of hot water that will not run out, unlike storage water heaters.

The rate of hot water produced by a tankless water heater is two to five gallons per minute, depending on the heating style used. Gas fired tankless systems produce hot water at a higher flow rate than electric tankless water heaters. If your home is small and your hot water requirements are low, then a smaller tankless water heater is sufficient to provide the water that you need. If your demand is higher, then a “whole house” tankless water heater or two or more tankless systems will be able to keep up with the demand of your household. Certain appliances, such as dishwashers or washing machines, can benefit from having their own tankless hot water system installed.

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