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High-Quality Sewer Camera Inspection in Walnut Creek, CA

When you think of cameras, you may think of tourists, your own home, or a favorite and treasured photo album. But very rarely do people think of pipes and how camera inspections can greatly impact their functionality and overall health. That’s why Absolute Plumbing and Drain offers sewer camera inspection in Walnut Creek, CA at affordable prices, with great services available to homes and businesses throughout Walnut Creek, California if we find problems during your camera inspection.

Camera Inspections for Your Walnut Creek Home or Business

Camera inspections utilize special equipment to conduct thorough inspections of your pipes. The cameras we use are water-resistant, which allows them to gather footage even when pipes are constantly filled with waste, water, sediments, and scum 

Walnut Creek CA Sewer Drain Inspection

HD, waterproof cameras became a regular part of many inspections in the late 1990s and early 2000s when the revolution of “trenchless plumbing” began in the plumbing industry. These concepts of underground work were relatively new in those days, but since then the technology, equipment, training, certifications, and licensures have become available to plumbing companies across the state and country so that all plumbers have an opportunity to make their clients’ lives easier by saving their property from an excavation, call our professional plumber in Walnut Creek, CA, is highly recommended. 

How Camera Inspections Help Your Walnut Creek Plumbing

Camera inspections are a great way to get reliable and credible information about the state of your pipe’s interior. Whether your pipes are cast iron, clay, PVC, concrete, brass, or any other type of material, we guarantee that a camera inspection can be done on them. Camera inspections usually take less than three hours to complete and utilize HD waterproof cameras, attached to a fire hose that is then snaked down your pipe. This hose can extend from long pipes to short drains, so no matter the pipe, it’s covered.

What Camera Inspections Can Identify

Camera inspections can show you a wide range of problems in your pipes. If you’re concerned about a clog, for example, a camera inspection will tell Absolute Plumbing and Drain not only if that clog is present but also what the clog is made of. Did it originate from your kitchen drains, since it’s made of grease, fats, and foods? Or did it originate from your bathrooms, from your toilets, tubs, and showers, since it’s made from the compounds and greases from soaps, waste, and hair?

With camera inspections, you never have to wonder about what to do in the case of crumbling, rotted, corroded, rusted, eroded, or otherwise damaged pipes. From simple clogs to extensive leaks, camera inspections can pinpoint and diagnose it all. With live-feed pictures, video, and recording, camera inspections are a wonderful way to ensure that you and your plumbing company are on the same page.

Camera inspections come with many benefits. They’re cheaper, faster, and more efficient than traditional inspection methods, they offer a guaranteed diagnosis and solution proposal, and they’re a great way for businesses and residents throughout Walnut Creek to stay informed and active in the process of handling their own plumbing.

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