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Sewer line cleaning alamoThe portion of the sewer system that is specific to your home, is actually buried in the ground under your house. It is typically connected to the city or county sewer system at the boundary of your property.

As you can imagine, any problem with your sewer line could cause serious trouble. Not only could you wind up with your entire yard flooded with gray water and food waste but, everything that is flushed down the toilet would be mixed in as well.

There are all sorts of things that can go wrong with your sewer system, and Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Alamo specializes in all of them.

Signs that your sewer line is in need of repair

Alamo CA Sewer Drain Inspection

Watch for these signs that your Alamo sewer line needs service right away:

  • If one of the toilets in your home doesn’t flush, it might be a problem specific to that one toilet. But, if you go check the others and none of them flush – call Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Alamo. You’ve most definitely got yourself a sewer line problem.
  • If you’re standing at the bathroom sink, but haven’t turned the water on yet, and hear a gurgling or sputtering noise coming from down your drain – call us. This is a common sign of a sewer line problem.
  • If your bathroom sink clogs while you are brushing your teeth, you might have a hairball. But, if your bathroom sink clogs while you are brushing your teeth, doesn’t unclog, and then your kitchen sink clogs while you are trying to finish brushing your teeth – call us. Your sewer line is crying out for help!

Each of these circumstances must be investigated by a professional to limit the amount of damage done. Your plumbing system is extremely fragile and totally interconnected – if one area is malfunctioning it won’t be long before the rest of the systems starts to fail completely.

The dedicated team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Alamo knows all of the rules and regulations for Alamo sewer treatment, and can help to get your sewer line issues cleaned up and compliant quickly and thoroughly.

Does your sewer line need cleaning?

When cleaning a sewer line it is very important to have a clear plan of attack, and our video camera inspection equipment does just that. This makes our sewer line cleaning services far more targeted and efficient.

We use a waterproof video camera that is attached to the end of a fiber-optic cable. The cable and camera are fed up into your sewer line to give us a clear view of any problems, damage, or obstructions that might be causing your plumbing system symptoms.

Just because your sewer line is showing signs of trouble, doesn’t mean that your yard will automatically overflow with sewage. In fact, many sewer line leaks are very subtle and take a while before you really start to notice.

These issues can include:

  • The sewer lines pipes of your plumbing system are actually quite narrow. This is because they are only designed to transfer liquids and small amounts of solid materials. If a foreign object is rinsed down the drain or a mass of non-flushable paper products are flushed down the toilet – they could very easily get stuck in the sewer line on their way to the city sewer line. These blockages will cause the used water and human waste to back-up until they reach your home.
  • It is not unusual for homeowners to find that trees have taken refuge in their sewer lines. In fact, the contents of your sewer line might seems completely disgusting to you but, to a tree it is an outright buffet. There is water and organic materials in your sewer line to last a tree for several years. But, having a group of tree roots growing inside of your sewer line means cracks, breaks, and leaking – it’s not a good situation.
  • Cracks and damage. A variety of things can cause your sewer lines to become cracked or damaged and all of them result in a huge and expensive mess. Tree roots is the most common and the other being the ground shifting due to heavy moisture levels. Make sure that the draining system for your home and yard is up to par before the rainy season begins.

Whether you would like to schedule a video camera inspection of your sewer lines to get an idea of how things are for maintenance or you have a complete sewer line break disaster on your hands – the team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Alamo can help.

Our team of expert plumbing technicians have the skills and the training to provide you with superior sewer line installation, repair, cleaning, and replacement. We are committed to doing our job right the first time and that means knowing the latest technique and technology.

We have years of experience dealing with all sorts of sewer line projects – from the fairly simple to the extremely complicated. We know all of the nuances of sewer line projects in Alamo and are well-versed in the municipal regulations for cleaning up a sewer leak and getting your home up to code.

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