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Taking a shower, washing laundry, doing a load of dishes, these are all chores that most of us do every day without thinking much about what makes them possible. The fact is, without a properly working water heater none of these tasks would be possible.

Water Heater Repair Danville, CA

Your water heater is a very important appliance because it allows for a lot of progress to be made around your home, but also it contributes to nearly half of your monthly power bill. Most water heaters are installed in areas of the home that are out of sight, and so we don’t think much of them. However, being thoughtful about the type and size of your water heating system is a very important piece to your home’s overall efficiency.

Luckily, the highly-trained plumbers at Absolute Plumbing and Drain have been providing excellent water heating support to Danville area homeowners for more than ten years. Our team is dedicated to staying informed about all makes, models, and brands of both tankless and standard tank water heating systems.

Danville CA Water Heater Services

Standard Tank Water Heaters

More than 80% of residential homes in America have a standard tank water heater installed. These units have been available for many years, and are budget-friendly to purchase, install, and maintain.

A standard tank water heater is essentially a large cylindrical tank that is installed vertically into your home’s basement, garage, or sometimes closet. Once the unit is installed, it is hooked up to the plumbing system for your home and filled with water. While these units vary in size and come equipped to manage anywhere from six to one-hundred and twenty gallons of water, most residential units hold up to fifty gallons.

Once the tank is filled to its capacity with cold water, the heating element is turned on. This element can be powered by either gas, propane, or electricity and has a thermostat that can be set to a specified temperature by the homeowner. The EPA recommends keeping your hot water heater thermostat set to 120 degrees, to maintain enough hot water for any chores but not so hot that it will cause injury.

The standard tank water heating system will continuously keep the entire capacity of the tank full of water that is heated to the designated temperature, regardless of the water is needed or not.

Tankless Water Heater

While the tank and tankless water heaters provide the same thing – hot water, the process by which they go about making the water hot is very different.

Tankless water heaters are usually a little bigger than a large briefcase and installed on the wall. There is no tank that holds any water and so the footprint of these systems is much small, which is appealing to some homeowners.

When hot water is needed, the heat sensors in the tankless system heat up the pipes that the cold water travels through, thus heating the cold water. These pipes can heat up to five gallons of water per minute for the entire time that the hot water faucet is turned on. Once the hot water is no longer needed, the heating element is disengaged and the system shuts off – until the next time hot water is needed.

Both tank and tankless hot water heating systems have pros and cons, and both are suited for different homeowners. If you have questions about either type of hot water heaters don’t hesitate to contact the dedicated staff at Absolute Plumbing and Drain.

Our team can not only provide you with information, we can provide you with more than a decade of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining standard tank and tankless water heating units. The name Absolute Plumbing and Drain is synonymous with expert service, and outstanding customer care. You can count on our team of courteous and licensed plumbers to address any water heating needs you have. 

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