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Only when something goes wrong do most of us really think about our plumbing system. Most of it is hidden away under cupboards and in the walls, the rest of it is actually buried under the house. In fact, arguably the most critical part of your entire plumbing system, the main sewer line, is buried in the soil under your house.

Sewer Line Repair Danville, CA

The main sewer line is meant to carry wastewater and solids away from your home and take them to the city sewer system so that they can be disposed of properly. All of the drains in your home lead to and connect to the main sewer line, making it a very important part of your entire plumbing system.

In fact, when there is a malfunction with your main sewer line, you will notice it in the plumbing inside your home.

Danville CA Sewer Drain Inspection

Some of the issues you might have come up include:

  1. Toilets: Since toilets have the most direct connection to the main sewer line, it is highly unlikely that any of the toilets in your home will function if there is an issue with the main sewer line. Troubles with all of the toilets in your home simultaneously is a sure sign that there is a problem with your main sewer line

  2. Clogs: The sinks, tubs, and showers in your home have a very clear connection to the main sewer line, and if there is a breakdown with the sewer line the pressure in the system will be disrupted and the plumbing fixtures in your home will all develop clogs or will refuse to drain

  3. Unusual: If the fixtures and appliances in your home start to act strange, like the toilet overflows when the washing machine drains, this is a very clear indication that you have a bigger problem in your main sewer line

If you begin to experience any of these problems, or your plumbing system is just not working the way it should be, call the expert plumbing team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain. Since 2000, our professional and licensed plumber in Danville, CA has been providing outstanding sewer line inspection, cleaning, repair, and replace support to the homeowners of Danville.

The main sewer line handles some very sensitive materials, and when there is a breakdown, it can quickly escalate into a full-blown plumbing emergency. At Absolute Plumbing and Drain we recommend regular maintenance inspections and cleaning of your sewer line to check for areas of weakness and possible malfunctions.

While we are highly-skilled at employing several diagnostic tools, one that we find very helpful when investigating sewer lines is video camera inspection. An experienced member of our team will feed a flexible cable that has a camera attached to the end of it into your sewer line. As the camera moves through the pipes, it will create a video document of the condition of your pipes.

Some of the problems that a video camera inspection of your sewer line can uncover include:

  • Damaged or Broken Pipes
  • Blockages
  • Corrosion
  • Bellied Pipes
  • Leaking Joints
  • Tree Root Encroachment

Having a very clear idea of exactly the condition that your main sewer line is in will help you to make an informed decision about the best next steps. Things like corrosion and blockages can be addressed before they cause permanent damage and leaks in the system. While other issues like tree root encroachment and broken pipes must be assessed and repaired immediately.

For more than ten years the professional and licensed plumbers at Absolute Plumbing and Drain have been helping Danville homeowners with all manner of sewer line problems. Our name is synonymous with reliable and honest service, coupled with outstanding customers care. All of our repair work is backed by our 26-month guarantee, so you know you are getting the absolute best! Call us today at 925-676-1900 or fill out the online form. Our team also serves these other locations:

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