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Commercial water heater Oakley CAImagine all of the things that you and your family need to get done in your home on a given day. All of the endless loads of laundry, the countless plates, cups, and silverware that need to get washed, the showers, and baths.

All of these tasks make your home run. Without clean laundry, it would be pretty embarrassing to show up at work. And, the amount of water and energy that would get used if you had to wash all of your dishes by hand would make it more cost-effective to just use paper plates.

Luckily, there is an appliance in your home that makes all of these tasks possible. One that is pretty hidden away, so you probably don’t ever think about it. It’s your water heater. Your water heater could easily be considered the most important appliance in your home.

It works harder than any other, that’s for sure. And, at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Oakley – we know all about the troubles that a water heater can get into. In fact, we provide service, maintenance, and installation support for all makes and models of water heaters –including tankless options.

Oakley CA Water Heater Services

Standard Vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Most homes have a standard water heating system. Up until around 20-years ago, tank water heaters were the only option. But, with pressure from environment concerns and with technology moving forward at light speed, the tankless version of water heaters came around.

A standard water heater holds approximately 30-gallons of water. On the side of the tank is a thermostat that works to maintain the temperature of the water inside of the tank. And, on the underneath of the very bottom of the tank is the heating element that works to heat the water up when cold water is added to the tank.

The challenge with a standard water heater is that the water heater is used 24-hours a day, making it extremely vulnerable to wear and tear and breakdown.

A tankless water heating system only heats water as it is needed. So, turning the hot water on at the faucet initiates the system. It activates and heats up the pipes that the water runs through. As the water runs through the pipes, it is heated up.

Then, when the hot water faucet is turned off, the tankless system turns off. This means that hot water is only “made” as it is needed.

The professional plumbing team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Oakley are familiar with all makes and models of both tankless and standard tank water heaters.

The Importance Of Water Heater Maintenance

Most water heaters come with a manufacturer’s warrant of only six years. This means that after the six years has passed, anything that goes wrong with your wate heater is up to you to pay for.

This is a clear sign that you should keep your water heater around for no more than six years. While this is not always possible, due to budget, it is a good practice. For all of the years that you own your water heater though, you should have the team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Oakley provide regular maintenance and service inspections.

The best way to keep your water heater working in top conditions is to have it service on a regular basis. Little things like the pressure release valve getting corroded can cause seriour harm to your water heater if not taken care of in a teimly manner.

The experts at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Oakley, are familiar with all manner of water heater wear and tear and we can tell you when your water heater is showing signs of trouble.

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