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Sewer repair El CerritoAnytime there is a problem with the plumbing system in your home – the best source for peace of mind is having a reliable and highly-skilled plumber to call.

This is never truer than if you have a sewer line problem. These types of plumbing problems can be very concerning because the ultimate consequence of a sewer line breakdown is a flood of raw sewage in your yard.

This is not only a messy situation but, it can be very expensive. There are a variety of ways that Absolute Plumbing and Drain of El Cerrito can help with your sewer line needs.

Our team works hard to stay informed of the latest industry technology and techniques for sewer line maintenance, repair, installation, and replacement.

Your sewer line is an intricate configuration of pipes, fittings, drains, and plumbing fixtures and appliances. All of these parts and pieces work together to form the overall system. Any issue with any part of the system could escalate and have a negative effect on the rest of the system.

The team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of El Cerrito knows this and has the skills and the training to mitigate the damage and keep it as controlled as possible.

El Cerrito CA Sewer Drain Inspection

The two parts of your sewer system

Within your sewer system there are two basic parts – the primary and the secondary systems.

The primary sewer line system is sometimes called the “main” sewer line, and it is buried in the ground under the foundation of your home. The main sewer line is the middle connector between all of the drains of your home and the municipal sewer system that you pay to use each month.

The main sewer line is responsible for catching all of the waste and the wastewater generated by your household and carrying it to the municipal sewer line to be taken to the water treatment facility closest to your home.

The secondary sewer line system is the compilation of all of the drains of your home. This includes the sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers. A problem in the secondary sewer line is usually localized to just that fixture. So, if your toilet is clogged then the sink and tub of your bathroom should work just fine.

Our team of expert plumbers knows how to recognize the signs of sewer line trouble, and decide if it is a secondary or primary sewer line problem. This is very important because the faster we can locate the problem, the sooner we can fix it and reduce the amount of damage that is one.

Benefits of sewer line maintenance and cleaning

The best way to reduce the chances of any major sewer line problems is to have your system cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

This is especially important if you have trees planted on your property as the tree roots can grow into your main sewer line pipes and cause cracks, damage, and leaks.

The team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of El Cerrito offers comprehensive sewer line maintenance and cleaning, using video camera inspection technology. This allows us to take a video recording of the inside of your main sewer line so you can see if there are any small problems that should be addressed before they escalate.

Having regular maintenance and sewer line cleaning can benefits you in these ways:

  • Identifies small problems before they escalate
  • Reduces the amount of damage that is done by a sewer line malfunction by keeping it contained
  • Reduces the expense of a major sewer line disaster
  • Gives you real-time information about the condition of your sewer lines to help you make informed decisions about home improvements

Make sure to contact the professional and courteous team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of El Cerrito for any of your sewer line needs. We can help with all manner of sewer line cleaning, installation, repair, and maintenance.

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