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antioch drain cleaning Bathroom Sink InstallationThe drain system of your Antioch home is the first line of defense again sewer line problems. In fact, your drains are considered a portion of your sewer system.

So, it is important to make sure that your drains are properly cared for. If you don’t keep your drains cleaned and maintained, a small problem could escalate to something major in the form of a main sewer line break or leak.

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The Drains in Your Antioch Home Are Picky

Depending on which room in the house they are in, the drains in your home need different care:

  • Your kitchen drain is one of the hardest working drains in the house. This is because there are many sources for materials that all funnel through the one kitchen drain. For instance, if you have a dishwasher, the drain on it is diverted into the garbage disposal. Then all of the contents of the garbage disposal are rinsed out and through the kitchen drain. There are many ways that a kitchen drain can get clogged. One thing that is guaranteed to clog your kitchen drain is large scraps of food. Be cautious how you use your garbage disposal.
  • The biggest drain in your home is the toilet drain. Most people don’t consider the toilet to have a drain or to be part of the drain system but, it is. Your toilet drain is only designed to manage humans waste and toilet paper. Any other kind of solid material that you are flushing will lead to problems.
  • Your laundry room has at least one drain for the washing machine. If you have a utility sink then it also has a drain. The washing machine drain is usually installed vertical to the washing machine in the wall behind it. A hose connects the washing machine to the drain. This drain can get clogged with solid materials from the pockets of your laundry if you don’t regularly clean them out.

Knowing what kinds of behavior put your drain system at risk, can help you to prevent any major drain problems. And, if you do have a drain cleaning need or emergency – don’t hesitate to contact us! We make sure to always have a live person designated to answer the phone, and not a recording or an answering service.

Some Signs to Watch for

While it might seem like a plumbing emergency or drain cleaning need comes out of nowhere, there are actually some subtle signs that your plumbing system gives. You just need to know what you are looking for:

  • Water backing up into the sink or basin. This is an obvious sign of a clog. If your drain system has developed a clog, then the water can move through the pipe and, with nowhere else to go, it will back-up into the sink or basin.
  • Water draining slowly. When a clog is first developing, it sometimes will only block part of the pipe and not the full diameter. This will allow some water to move past but, at a very slow rate. This is a clear sign of trouble brewing.
  • Gurgling noises coming from the drain. Sometimes it is not a clog that is causing the problem but, a build-up of residue on the inside walls of the pipes. This will cause your system to make gurgling and growling noises as air and water are mixing and moving in the line.

There are several drains throughout your home, each with different needs and cautions. Our team knows all of the nuances of each drain in your home and, how to identify if there is a problem or not. The quicker that a problem can be located, the quicker it can be fixed and the less damage it will cause. Call The Antioch drain experts at Absolute plumbing and drain today!

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