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Having properly working drains is an integral part to your family’s every day activities. Everything from taking a shower to washing the dishes after dinner requires clear and free-flowing drains. When the drains in your home become clogged or damaged you may find yourself with an inconvenient – and expensive – plumbing issue. At Absolute Plumbing and Drain we are proud to provide professional and effective drain cleaning solutions for all of our clients. Regardless of the location or the cause for your drain clog or blockage, the experts at Absolute Plumbing and Drain can help!

Which Areas In My Home Might Get A Clogged Drain?

Kitchen: Your kitchen sink drains work hard rinsing food, grease, soap, and other particles away. If you have a garbage disposal, this process can easily overwhelm your drains. When food goes into the garbage disposal, the mechanism in the garbage disposal works to macerate the food. This macerated food mixes with water and soap and creates a thick sludge. Over time this sludge will harden and build-up on the inside walls of your pipes and causes water to slowly drain or, to not drain at all.

Bathroom: There are several drains in your bathroom; the bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet all have a drain that, when clogged, can cause serious problems for you and your family. The drains in the sink, bathtub, and shower can easily become clogged due to hair, shampoo, and soap. On average, one person will lose 80 to 100 hairs each day. For a family of four – that is a lot for your sink, shower, and bathtub drain to handle.

Wads of hair mix with shampoo and soap and harden to create stubborn blockages in your pipes that do not allow water to pass through. When these blockages occur it can cause wastewater to back up in the basin. This bacteria-laden gray water can cause a serious health hazard to your family the longer it is permitted to sit. These clogs are best handled by a professional plumber. The team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain have the equipment and the skills to locate and remove these blockages.

Most people don’t think of their toilet as a drain, however, when you flush your toilet it works the same as your kitchen or bathroom sink drain to carry the water and sewage away from your home. Your toilet can be clogged by many things, sometimes even foreign objects that were mistakenly flushed. At Absolute Plumbing and Drain we will use a toilet auger or snake to remove the clog and get your toilet working properly.

How Can I Avoid Clogged Drains?

There are many things that you can do to help prevent your drains from becoming clogged. For instance, in the kitchen you can pour used cooking grease into cans or jars rather than pouring it down the sink. Also, you can make sure to have your garbage disposal checked regularly to make sure the mechanisms are working properly and will break the food down completely.

In the bathroom you can place drain filters over your sink, bathtub, and shower drains that are designed to catch the hair before it rinses down the drain. This is dramatically reduce the chances of a hair clog developing and causing a complete blockage. Also, make sure your family knows to only flush toilet paper down the toilet. If you have young children it the house, it might be worth child-proofing your toilet to prevent small toys, coins, or jewelry from being placed in the toilet bowl.

Professional Drain Cleaning

An important part of preventing disruptive and messy clogs, is scheduling regular drain cleanings and maintenance. At Absolute Plumbing and Drain, our team of drain experts have the equipment and the training to provide you with efficient and effective drain cleaning services.  Call us today to discuss how we can help with all of your drain cleaning needs!

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