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Water can cause serious damage to any surface or foundation when it sits for an extended period of time. Large amounts of sitting water can lead to decay, mildew,and cracks in the surfaces of your Emeryville, California property. Sometimes, water leaks are obvious. It’s easy to see when a faucet is leaking, there is a leak from a pipe within your home, or a shower head is dripping. But then there are those dangerous leaks that aren’t visible to the eye and are not tended to since they are not known about. Here at Absolute Plumbing, we know the importance of catching leaks before they become a larger issue. That is why we offer services such as leak detection to target issues and repair them before they become a major headache.

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What Causes Leaks

Slab or water pipe leaks occur when the water carrying pipes that run through or under your home break in any way. But what causes this to happen? There are many possible factors. For one, over time pipes wear and become old. Due to age or the lack of proper maintenance, pipes can build up corrosion which leads to decay, cracking, leaks, and holes forming.

Other key causes of slab leaks include excessively high water usage, poor quality pipes, improperly installed pipes, and improper construction. Some of the most common signs to watch for include cracks in walls or floors, mildew in carpets or floors, the noise of flowing water when all water is turned off, and a spike in your water bill.

The good news is that professionals at Absolute Plumbing can not only detect these issues, but we can pinpoint the exact problem location, perform the repairs or replacements, and ensure that the job was completed perfectly by conducting a follow-up inspection after services are completed.

How to Prevent a Slab Leak in Your Emeryville Property

A great way to prevent slab leaks or to detect them in their early phases is to have a sewer camera inspection conducted. This allows us to internally view your pipes from start to end, capturing photos and high-definition video as we push a camera attached to a cable through your pipes. We are able to see any pre-existing issues, the current condition of the pipes, the paths of the pipes, and the location of existing issues. We then able to recommend the best repair process for not only one or two issues, but your entire system’s health. We offer repairs using trenchless technology methods, which allows us to fix or even fully replace pipes internally, eliminating the need to perform heavy excavations.

If you’re in need of an inspection or fear you have a slab leak in your Emeryville, CA home or business, call Absolute Plumbing today for your leak detection needs.

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