Sewer Line Repair & Installation Service in Brentwood

sewer-repair-installationJust thinking about the sewer system for your home can make you shudder. Imagine if it were flooding all over your yard! Ok, that’s a pretty grim scenario but, it does happen to thousands of homeowners every year.

The sewer system for your home is extremely important to the overall function, health, and wellness of you and your family. Without a properly working sewer system, the used water and waste that is generated by the members of your household would not be carried away from your living space.

This means that it would stay in the sinks, tubs, and drain of your home and create some very unhealthy conditions for you and your family.

Thankfully, the team at Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Brentwood knows all about how to maintain, clean, service, and install sewer lines. This means that we can provide you with superior sewer line support from the beginning to the end of your sewer line job.

Parts Of Your Sewer System

Your sewer system is a very complex configuration of drains, pipes, and fittings. All of the drains in your home are part of your sewer system. Anything that is involved in carrying waste and wastewater away from your home is part of your sewer system.

  • Bathtub drain
  • Shower drain
  • Kitchen sink drain
  • Washing machine and dishwasher drain
  • Bathroom sink drain
  • Toilet

Underneath your home is your main sewer line pipe. This is the pipe that catches all of the waste from the various drains in your home and, then carries it to the municipal sewer lines that is at the edge of your property.

Sewer System Breakdowns

Just like your toilets and sinks can develop clogs, your main sewer line can get clogged. It can also develop corrosion and build-up, which will reduce the diameter of the pipe and constrict the flow of liquids and solids moving through.

Some of the most common sewer line malfunctions are:

  • Your sewer line was designed specially to carry used water and organic waste away from your home and to the water treatment facility. But, in some homes, things that are inorganic get sent down the drain. Or, things that are too much for the system to manage.
  • If the dirt that your sewer line is buried in gets too wet or shifts for some reason, the pipes can also shift. This movement may cause cracks in the pipes.
  • Lose fittings. In addition to the pipes cracking if the soil shifts the fittings that keep the pipes sealed together can become lose and will begin to leak
  • Tree roots. It is very common for main sewer lines to become obstructed or damaged by nearby tree roots. The tree roots grow into the sewer line looking for food and water.

Whether you are in need of a video camera inspection of your sewer line or you need a section of pipe replaced, our team can handle the job with expertise and precision. In the very unfortunate event that you have a sewer line flood in your yard, we can handle that too.

In fact, Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Brentwood can manage any type of sewer line malfunction that you have. We highly advocate for annual video camera inspection of your sewer line and, maintain the latest in training and equipment for this service.

It is an invaluable bit of information to be able to see your sewer lines live and from the inside out. This way you can make decisions about cleaning, maintenance, and even having sections of your sewer system replaced.

Don’t hesitate to call Absolute Plumbing and Drain of Brentwood for any of your sewer line needs. We guarantee all of our repairs for up to 24-months and, you will always be greeted by a live member of our team and never an answering machine.


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