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Controlling Washer Noise and Vibration

Simple washer maintenance Does your washer wobble excessively when spinning? The cause may be an unevenly distributed load, often a large item that has wadded up to one side. Just stop the washer and redistribute the clothes for …

Thanksgiving Day Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

##Garbage disposer tips Waste buildup in the drain chamber beneath the impeller disc can lead to a slow-draining disposer. As a homeowner, according to the expert plumbing of Concord technicians, it will be necessary to remove the …

Prevent Scalds From Bathtub Faucets

Anti-Scald Faucets Even a short burst of scalding water can be painful and dangerous, especially for young children. So plumbing codes in Concord often require new tub and shower faucets that prevent the flow of very hot water. …

Maintaining Your Gas Water Heater

Gas hot water heater The flue on a gas water heater should pull all fumes up and send them out of the house. To check that the flue is working, light a match and blow it out, and hold it near the flue. Smoke should be sucked up …

How to Fix an Emergency Plumbing Leak

Emergency leak repair Small ruptures or splits in supply pipe are rare, but they happen. To make an emergency fix, you will need a sleeve clamp. This does what it says: wraps around the pipe and gasket material like a tight metal …

Maintaining a Water Pump

Water pressure Water pressure for water-well installations is maintained by a pressure tank installed in the line between the well pump and the residence. According to your reliable Concord plumbing specialist, pressure t the tank …

How to Fix a Ball Faucet

Dripping sink faucet repair The ball-type faucet is used by Delta, Peerless, and a few others. The ball fits into the faucet body and is constructed with three holes – a hot inlet, a cold inlet, and the outlet, which fills the …

Installing a Bathroom Sink Drain Body

Bathroom faucet maintenance A bathroom sink typically has three holes. The faucet usually comes with a pop-up stopper assembly. According to the plumbing of Concord experts, to install a sink drain body, first, loosen the slip nut …

Picking The Proper Toilet Flange

Roughing in a toilet flange The most important step when roughing in a toilet flange involves measuring for its location from the finished wall, cutting the hole for the toilet flange, and fastening the flange to the floor. …

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